Wednesday, January 9th gospel reading….FEAR


When life is stormy, are you focused on the bare branches or the beautiful sunrise?

“Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid! He got into the boat with them and the wind died down.” (Mark 6:50 and 51)

Today’s gospel reading is the same reading I read when we were told that Gabrielle couldn’t be Hilary’s stem cell donor. When my stomach lurched and my heart started to beat faster, I remembered that Jesus “meant to pass by them,” (Mark 6: 48) and got into the boat when he saw how frightened they were. Even though our storm of cancer was increasing and we were beginning to take on water, I knew that Jesus had climbed into our boat filled with fear. Jesus’ calming peace settled the storm. I knew if Jesus was with us, our boat would continue the float. We would not sink. ( Love, Jan book page 47)

What storm is shaking your boat of life? Job loss? Financial upheaval? Accidents? Relationship divisions? I would encourage you to invite Jesus to join you in your boat. He can calm any storm! Maybe the wind will still blow, but you’ll be amazed at the lack of water splashing over the sides.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me to face my fears.

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