Look at these two dish scrubbers. My friend Lela taught me how to crochet these durable tools, but I truly struggled with my first attempt. If you haven’t guessed, mine is the green one. Lela’s white one is what my green one should look like. After pulling the material back out a few times to try and correct the mess, I decided to just tie it off and quit. I told myself I’d do better next time. Tony said the scrubber would scrub pots just as good as Lela’s. And he’s right. What is the purpose of these scrubbers? Are they for looking good or is their job to help other things look good? Should they just sit by the sink or are they to encourage cleanliness? Even though I’d like my life to look like Lela’s scrubber: flat, round and white. My life is really green, oblong, and curly. Yet, just as the green scrubber will complete its purpose, God can still use me to encourage holiness in those I meet.

Thank you God that you can write straight on crooked lines. Please use my pondering words to increase holiness in your people.

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