Miracles and Resurrection

“Now indeed I know that you are a man of God, and it is truly the word of the Lord that you speak.” I Kings 17:24

We recently visited some friends in Tennessee. While we were there, we studied Luke 4:16-30. Then today’s Sunday readings were the same scriptures. Interesting. Am I to study this further? In Tennessee, we took a look at I Kings chapter 17 since Jesus referred to this story in the Luke passage. I found it interesting that the widow in Zarephath watched the miracle of oil and flour, which never ran out during the two year drought. Yet, she didn’t believe that Elijah was a man of God until God raised her son from death into life.

I often wondered about the Messianic Secret. Why did Jesus quiet the demons when they shouted out that he was the “Son of the Most High God” ( Mark 5:7)? Why did he tell some of the people he healed “see that you tell no one anything” (Mark 1:44)? I’m now thinking that even though the people of Judea saw miracles, they wouldn’t understand God’s plan of Messiah until Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Maybe the reason I’ve been shown the same scriptures on different Sundays is: I should stop looking for God’s blessings and focus on Jesus’ resurrection.

Oh my Jesus, may I honor you while I walk through my day. Help me center my life on thoughts of your life, cross and resurrection instead of requests for your help.

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