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Earth Day 2019

I spent my day cleaning. Isn’t that a fine activity for Earth Day? Unfortunately, it was inside my house, not outside my door. Even though the quote, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is not in the Bible, the Bible does … Continue reading

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Resurrection Day….2019

My celebration this year was busy and quiet. I saw a lot of people at Sunrise Breakfast, Methodist Church and Catholic Church, but my house was quiet. I’m pondering Tom’s story of the auction and the painting of the son……”he … Continue reading

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“whoever takes the son, takes it all” Those might not be the exact words, but they are close. I read this story before, but when Tom shared it this morning, hearing it made a difference AND I’ve been repeating these … Continue reading

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When the Hour came….Palm Sunday….Lent 2019

Is this Palm Sunday or Parade Sunday? We started outside the church with palm leaves in our hands. We listened to Luke’s rendition of Jesus telling two of his disciples to go get the colt that no one has ever … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

We had a special song during our church service.  You can’t see the singers faces, but listen to the words. Enjoy.

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Adulterous woman….Fifth Sunday of Lent 2019

“They said this to test him (Jesus), so that they could have some charge to bring against him….” John 8:6a Oh those Scribes and Pharisees ….those educated, want-a-be perfect scribes and pharisees ….those jealous leaders who knew the law of … Continue reading

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Matthew chapters 22 and 23

I was surprised that Tom by-past all the “woe to you , scribes and Pharisees” by a quick sentence, but they do all fit together.  The second clip is only 45 seconds long, but I didn’t want you to miss … Continue reading

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