Earth Day 2019

I spent my day cleaning. Isn’t that a fine activity for Earth Day? Unfortunately, it was inside my house, not outside my door. Even though the quote, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is not in the Bible, the Bible does indicate that being clean is a sign of spiritual purity and goodness. The Bible also talks about being a good steward. Does cleaning and sorting fall into the category of stewardship? I’m sure an over abundance of “stuff” falls into the category of gluttony.

I’ve been excited about Renewlogy, but I haven’t heard if they have set up a center in Boise yet. If they do, I wish we could send our plastics to them. I’m really tired of putting all this plastic in the garbage that goes to the dump.

This news clip was made last year, February 2018.  There are more YouTube clips about this company if you want to search. Interesting stuff to make our earth a better place.




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