Rocky Mountains of Canada

“Whoever has ears ought to hear.” Matthew 13:43

Shouldn’t we listen to all of Jesus’ words? Why did Jesus instruct us to pay attention after this particular parable of the weeds in the field and not all his parables? Shouldn’t we also look for the Spirit’s work as well? Mostly, shouldn’t we obey after listening and looking? The obeying action is probably the hardest of all. That’s where I struggle.

I read this story of weeds in the field while we were visiting God’s beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canada. “Magestic” is only one word that describes the beauty of this area. The rugged granite peaks, colorful blue waters, crisp clear air, is worth rubbing elbows with the million other people who also want to view God’s creation in this corner of the world. Why would Jesus point these words out during this grand vacation? Maybe because of the crowds? Maybe because my devotions took second place to our busy “lets check this out” mentality?

For my sieve-like memory mind and any of you who want to look at vacation photos:

A family vacation lacking one group who we texted often. It was wonderful to tag along Irene’s carefully planned family vacation.



We road gondolas to the top of two different mountains. One was a ski lift, so we could choose a chair lift instead of a car. When we got to the top, we walked through a museum/restaurant, then we hiked even higher to view Lake Louise and the mountains on the other side of the Bow Valley.



We swam/soaked in hot water pools. In this picture, we’re looking at a man made water fall of hot water that feeds the pool we swam in.


Tony and I were trying to get a Christmas picture. Which one would you choose for our family card?



Some views of God’s handiwork.



Even though it is beautiful up north, I’m glad I live in the high desert country of Eastern Oregon. Our Wallowa Mountains are majestic too. The Rattlesnake Canyon and the Chief Joseph Canyon are very impressive. On our way home we hiked to the Blue Hole on the Imnaha River. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid when I rode a horse down from the wilderness area from higher up. It wasn’t a hard walk and instead of a stream of people on the trail, we met a deer. Yes, Banff, Canada is a great place to visit, but I like my corner of God’s creation.







































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