Hello Lighthouse….Summit Point Lookout…..Herding Sheep










“I remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I remember your wonders of old and I meditate on your works, your exploits I ponder.”  Psalm 77: 12&13

What do you want to remember? Celebrations? Historical events? Certain special smiles? The actions of God Almighty?

This year’s Caldecott book remembers the lives of lighthouse keepers. The book is called Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall and this isolated, boring/exciting, sometimes dangerous, job of keeping a lighthouse no longer exists. Sophie Blackall wanted us to remember this occupation. After reading, I wondered, “Does Eastern Oregon have similar isolated, boring/exciting, sometimes dangerous, jobs?”  Sheep herding and Wildfire lookouts came to mind.  So, being the educator grandma that I am, I interviewed Dad about sheep herding and took two hikes (with grandkids) to the Summit Point Lookout to visit Joanne. I wanted them to “remember” these dry land occupations as they read about the moist work of a lighthouse keeper.

Oh my Lord, give my grandchildren a desire to remember your deeds recorded in the Bible. But also, open their eyes, ears, and hearts to your protective guiding hand in their lives today.

Here are a few videos and pictures for our memory books. Unfortunately, my family will probably “make fun” of my ability, or should I say, lack of ability to handle the camera in video work. This is certainly not a documentary, but a memory jogging tool. Maybe someday, they’ll appreciate it.




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