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Ginger’s newest book

My friend Ginger draws with scriptures in mind. Her newest book has become part of my devotional/prayer time. I love her beautiful crosses, her ponderings and her prayers. Of course, I bought a tangible book to hold, but you can … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Prayers

“I got up early one morning And rushed right into the day; I had so much to accomplish That I didn’t have time to pray. Problems just tumbled about me, And heavier came each task; ‘Why doesn’t God help me?’ … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

veteran’s day I didn’t know that we celebrate Veteran’s Day on the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours until I read the above devotional. This devotional was written long before the publishing of Living Faith Devotional, yet it is … Continue reading

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“May the eyes of (your) hearts be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope …..” Ephesians 1:18 These words began Saturday’s devotional in my Living Faith devotional. I fully understood Paul Pennick’s discussion about hope, but what caught … Continue reading

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“Now bless this food to our bodies, and feed our souls the bread of life.” I read this in my Upper Room Devotional and have pondered it at meal times since.  Then last night as a skunk passed my bedroom … Continue reading

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Weeds vs Wheat

“He replied, ‘No, if you pull up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them.” Matthew 13:29 This morning’s Living Faith devotional written by Terri Mifek is wonderful. It has me thinking about character traits. stubborn vs determined … Continue reading

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